Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio Unveils Largest Fireplace Showroom in Dubuque, IA

Birch Heating & Cooling has unveiled Dubuque’s largest fireplace showroom, offering residents a vast array of cozy, efficient heating solutions.

DUBUQUE, Iowa, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio, a leading provider of heating, cooling, and fireplace solutions in Dubuque, Iowa, is proud to announce the grand expansion of its state-of-the-art fireplace showroom, now the largest in the area. This expansion solidifies the company’s commitment to offering unparalleled product selection and expertise to homeowners throughout the region.

Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio has been a trusted name in Dubuque for over 30 years, known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. The newly expanded showroom will showcase an extensive range of fireplaces, inserts, and stoves, including traditional wood-burning options and modern gas inserts. This variety ensures that every customer can find the perfect fit for their home’s heating needs.

“We’re incredibly excited to unveil our expanded showroom,” says Bill Birch, CEO at Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio. “This allows us to offer our customers an even wider selection of fireplaces and inserts, ensuring they find the perfect solution to transform their living spaces into warm and inviting sanctuaries.”

The expanded Asbury fireplace showroom not only features an impressive array of fireplaces but also provides a hands-on experience where customers can see, touch, and learn about the latest in heating technology. The knowledgeable staff at Birch Heating & Cooling is ready to assist visitors, offering expert advice and personalized recommendations to ensure every customer finds exactly what they need.

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In addition to an expanded product range, Birch Heating & Cooling continues to offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services. Their team of skilled technicians is dedicated to ensuring every fireplace operates safely and efficiently, providing peace of mind along with warmth and ambiance.

Understanding that comfort extends beyond just fireplaces, Birch Heating & Cooling offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services. Their extensive experience in the Dubuque community, coupled with a team of skilled professionals, ensures a seamless experience for all customers.

Don’t wait until winter arrives! Search for Asbury fireplace service near me today to explore their expanded showroom and discover the perfect way to warm up your home.

About Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio:

Founded in 1996 with a mission to provide exceptional HVAC services and top-of-the-line outdoor living solutions, Birch Heating & Cooling Fireplace and Patio has become a trusted partner for residents in Dubuque and beyond. The company has evolved into a one-stop shop for all things related to home comfort and ambiance.

Contact Information:
Organization: Birch Heating and Cooling Fireplace and Patio
Contact Person: Bill Birch
Phone Number: 563-500-2087
Address: 565 Cedar Cross Rd Dubuque, IA 52003

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