Balanced Comfort Cooling, Heating & Plumbing States Time is of the Essence if Californians Wish to Take Advantage of $3,950 Rebate for a New Air Conditioning System

FRESNO, Calif., May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Time is running out for residents in central California looking to take advantage of a $3,950 rebate on a new air conditioning system. The Tech Clean California program announced on Friday that the rebates will be dramatically reduced at the end of this week, dropping from $3,950 to just $1,000.

The program, which launched in December 2021, has become very popular but has limited funds remaining. In order to take advantage of the maximum rebate, customers must identify a contractor and have the contractor submit a signed contract to the program. Otherwise, they will lose out on $2,950.

The Tech Clean California program is designed to help Californians transition to a cleaner and more efficient air conditioning system. The rebates are part of that effort, and the program has been successful in helping many Californians upgrade their AC units.

But with the deadline looming, time is running out for those who have not yet taken advantage of the rebate. Customers considering upgrading their AC system need to act now. Signed contracts must be submitted by May 13th, 2022 otherwise the rebate will drop significantly.  This change was announced on Friday, May 6th giving residents only one week remaining to take advantage of this program.

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