Award-Winning Researcher and Electrical Engineer Iurii Prokazov Co-Authors Article for Prestigious Journal, ‘Energies’ – Focusing on Global Need to Move Away from Traditional Grid-Based Energy Supply

NEW YORK, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Electrical engineer Iurii Prokazov announced the publication of a new article in the peer-revied, open-access journal "Energies," exploring solutions to the global problem of energy consumption, conservation, cost, and the need to transition away from a centralized grid-dependent energy model. In the study, author Prokazov determined the degree of influence of alternative options for generating electricity by households on the level of energy independence of countries. "Energies" regularly features the best scientific research, reviews, tech development, engineering policy, and management studies related to the field of energy supply, conversion, dispatch, and end use. The full article is available online.

From the Research Abstract:

"The research methodology was based on the use of correlation–regression analysis, as well as adapted non-linear optimization by choosing one of three scenarios for electricity generation by households for 20 countries. Regression analysis showed the dependence of a country’s energy security on households’ energy generation. It is determined that an increase in households’ energy production helps to reduce the level of energy dependence in developed countries. However, for developing countries, there is no such interrelation…"

From Iurii Prokazov

"The growing global dilemma of resource and energy deficits in power supply is becoming increasingly urgent," said Prokazov. "And although transitioning to alternative sources of energy and energy generation models is the accepted solution at this point, getting there is the problem, especially for preexisting but underdeveloped grids or in the developing world. Ensuring modern and reliable distribution power networks in the middle and low voltage range is important to gain genuine advantages from increasing electricity generation by the average household. Increasing the number of households that generate electricity not only relieves the load on transmission and distribution power lines but also increases the reliability of power supply schemes, affecting countries’ energy security level and helping to reduce the level of developed countries’ energy dependence. Research has already clearly demonstrated that decentralized solutions – like autonomous, household energy production – is the key to solving this problem in a sustainable, cost-effective way that makes sense for the average energy consumer."

With over a decade of experience, Iurii Prokazov is a professional Electrical Engineer, which is the highest honor for engineers practicing their expertise in industries, and he holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Togliatti State University in Russia. With critical roles in multiple large-scale projects for a variety of construction companies, Prokazov is also a certified APEC Engineer in Electrical Engineering and was a recent laureate of the prestigious XXI All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year – 2020," taking honors in the discipline: "Power supply. Electrical networks and systems."

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