Alok Kulkarni Promoted to Integration Project Manager

HOUSTON, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alok Kulkarni, a native of Mumbai, India, now based in Houston, Texas (US), was promoted to Integration Project Manager at one of the worlds largest oilfield services companies. The position capitalizes on Mr. Kulkarni’s unique expertise in building and executing value-based performance models and optimizing synergies to extract efficiencies across multiple business lines in the oil and gas industry. In his new role, he manages business and integration for all 11 lines the company services for its largest customer in the Gulf of Mexico. He was previously a senior manager responsible for major exploration and production (E&P) projects, in which he achieved an efficiency rate of 99%, doubled his company’s market share, and expanded its revenue footprint.

Mr. Kulkarni began his career as a drilling services manager and well operations analyst working in India, Malaysia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. Throughout his 16-year career, his experience in engineering, operations, data analytics, and account management has contributed to his significant results in well construction, improving production performance, controlling costs, and mitigating risk factors through statistical and financial data analytics. He has been recognized for his demonstrated ability in leading teams to achieve business goals and deliver leading-edge projects under budget, as well as his success in developing pricing strategies that employ new techniques and regression models. Mr. Kulkarni has been awarded for his innovations in business, commercial, and operational models that improve efficiency and reduce customers’ costs, and thereby grow market share in the global oil and gas industry.  

Among his many achievements in operations management, Mr. Kulkarni developed and implemented the first-of-its-kind operational, technical, and commercial integration model in the U.S. deepwater market, which generated $0.5 billion in savings for drilling operators. Additionally, his implementation of lean methodologies for waste elimination enabled customers across India, Malaysia and United States to save approximately $160 million on various E&P projects.

Mr. Kulkarni received his Master of Business Administration degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas (US), and earned a degree in Engineering in Industrial Electronics from Mumbai University in Mumbai, India. He has completed advanced professional training in Integration Management, E&P, and leadership. Mr. Kulkarni additionally gives back to his community as a United Way champion and member of United Way Young Leaders.

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