Advanced BioCatalytics Extends Line of Bio-Surfactants

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced BioCatalytics ("ABC") is pleased to announce EPA Safer Choice approval for two new products, our BioSS MEL and our BioSS MR. Both products are bio-surfactants made entirely from the use of microbiology fermentation methods and incorporate renewable feedstocks, are non-GMO, safe to use and biodegradable. As a result, ABC is producing a whole new class of surfactant chemistry that is free of petroleum-based feedstocks and also does not compete for land use or contribute to deforestation.

ABC was founded in 1996 with the mission to replace toxic surfactant chemistry with fermentation-based alternatives. Recently we have developed new production methods to incorporate surface-active materials made from entirely microbiology. BioSS MEL and BioSS MR are two new products in our line of Fermactants, or fermentation based surfactant chemistry. Two previously EPA approved products include Glucospike and BioSS RL. Additional products are in our R&D pipeline and we anticipate having those products approved later this year.

ABC Fermactants:

BioSS® RL – Rhamnolipid anionic surfactant – Exhibits extraordinary low surface and and interfacial tension with improved foaming, foam stability and oil holding or emulsification properties.

BioSS® MEL – Mannosylerythritol (MEL) nonionic surfactant – High foaming and foam stability with wetting properties.  Low interfacial tension and excellent emulsification makes it an outstanding surfactant for cleaning applications.    

BioSS® MR – Rhamnolipids and MEL blend optimized with ABC yeast metabolite technology producing Ultra-low CMC, IFT, Surface Tension and Contact Angles (Wetting Properties).

BioSS® L4 – The light blend of ABC’s yeast metabolites for use with surfactants in consumer and institutional products to lower IFT and improve overall surfactant efficiency.

BioSS® D2 – ABC’s dark yeast metabolite blend for integration with surfactants for industrial applications to enhance overall performance.

About US EPA Safer Choice:
Safer Choice is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s product certification and labeling program. In the nearly 30 years that EPA has been assessing product safety, they developed a Safer Choice database. This database includes a list of roughly 2,500 products that EPA certified as safe. Most of the products listed in the database are for laundry and cleaning, but it also includes products ranging from floor finishes to pet care products. As the program continues to grow, the categories will expand even further.

About Advanced BioCatalytics:
Advanced BioCatalytics is an industrial biotechnology company that leverages its innovative Fermactant technology for applications in the Oil & Gas, Cleaning, Agriculture, and Wastewater markets. These products have demonstrated the ability to be highly cost-effective, without depending on harmful chemistries such as caustics, acids or dangerous solvents, which can be harmful to the user and/or the environment. Advanced BioCatalytics was founded in 1996 and we are excited to be introducing a new technology that will change the future performance, and cost, of the world’s cleaning products.

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