Karoon Energy revenue for TY23 was $412.9 million

Revenue for TY23 was $412.9 million, 55% higher than in the prior six months ($267.1 million), reflecting increased Baúna crude oil sales and a higher realised average oil price. Karoon produced 5.5 MMboe in the six-month transition year to 31

Enphase Energy rises following President/CEO insider buy disclosure

Enphase Energy ( NASDAQ: ENPH ) +4.2% pre-market after President and CEO Badrinarayanan Kothandaraman acquired 4K common shares of the company on February 27, according to an SEC filing. The CEO has engaged in multiple transactions during the past year,

Biden’s Energy Balancing Act

“It is a tough balancing act,” said Ryan Cummings, the economist who created the energy chart. “You want to reduce emissions, but you need a bridge to get there.” Republicans and fossil-fuel groups have accused Biden of waging “war” on